Elevate Your Business with the Power of Rideshare Riders

Built for drivers and advertisers to provide a great experience and use the targeted market to get your business in front of the right eyes

Our Services

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Giving drivers the opportunity to make more money while driving

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Geo-Tagged Advertising

Giving advertisers the ability to target rideshare riders as they get rides to their area

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Ads based off of time of day

Giving advertisers the ability to target rideshare riders based on the time of day they are using rideshare.

Who are we?

RideEyes was started by a long time Rideshare driver who also owns a small business. Over years of testing different forms of advertising and other ways to make additional money while driving rideshare, RideEyes was formed.

RideEyes has the expertise of both a driver and a business owner.

As a driver, knowledge and expertise has been gained from over 15k rides on multiple platforms. Years of testing rider reactions and keeping track of additional tips and positive reviews was key to make sure the rider experience is only enhanced to benefit the driver. Additionally, knowing that the pay for drivers is not significantly profitable, having other income with minimal additional work is massive.

As an advertiser, knowledge of the demographics of riders has been paramount. Rideshare riders are a very specific group of people split into daytime and nighttime riders as well as weekend riders. Being able to take advantage of this very targeted market for advertisers is an amazing opportunity. RideEyes has the expertise to get you in front of the very targeted rideshare eyes to grow your business.

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