App is expected to go live in 2024

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How it works

RideEyes is an exclusive driver community. This is for for a few reasons:
1. To keep the pay for each driver as high as we can make it. The more drivers, the less there is to go around. (Kind of sounds familiar in a oversaturated driver market.)
2. To make your back seat stand out. It has been proven that having unique things like tablets in your back seat makes your ride memorable and if you provide a good service, will result in higher and more frequent tips.

Now, how exactly do you get paid and what work do you have to do?
1. You need to provide your own tablet and mount for your back seat. We will send you suggestions when you are approved as a RideEyes driver.
2. You will need to download the RideEyes app. We will send you the link once approved.
3. You will have to sign in to link to your RideEyes acct.
4. To get paid you will need to submit your tax information to RideEyes. You will be paid as an independent contractor. You will receive a link to fill out your information.
5. To verify your rides you will need to send a screenshot of your weekly rideshare summary showing dates, time online, and rides given for each platform you drive for. Its simple, if you want to get paid, just send the screenshots.
6. You will be paid per ride. Rates are determined based off of the city you drive.

This is designed to be "set it and forget it." Once signed up all you will have to do is make sure the app is running when you start driving, and submit your weekly driving summary.

As a bonus to signing up, you will also have access to our lucrative referral program. For every advertising referral that you send to us that signs up, you will be sent a referral bonus! To qualify you just have to be an active driver.

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